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It wasn’t until I found Liana’s teaching that I finally made a regular yoga practice for myself. On days when I previously would’ve made excuses, I find myself showing up to the mat “just as I am.” Accessible, empowering and effective — I come away from each class feeling grounded and better prepared to take on whatever is next in my day. 


Misfits Yoga, Your Practice for Your Body

What can yoga do for you? This is the question asked by functional yoga. And a question I’d like you, yes YOU, to consider. 


What brought you to this page? Is it all the times you’ve seen yoga-related success stories but never saw yourself represented in them? The fact that certain movements or postures don’t feel right in your body and so you think, “yoga just isn’t for me?”. Or maybe you’ve been diagnosed with something that seems to “get in the way” of what you’ve been led to believe “makes” a yoga practice. 

But you’re here anyway, you’ve kept searching for the right space, the right teacher, the right words to make yoga make sense to you. You already know that yoga has something to offer you. But what?


I use the word MISFIT because to me, that’s everyone. Averages and norms are useless garbage when it comes to YOUR wellness.

You’re not a statistic, you’re a human being, and you deserve a yoga practice that feels good TO YOU.


That’s where Misfits Yoga comes in. You’re here because the yoga “out there” hasn’t done it for you. You don’t want some fancy practice to post pictures of on instagram. You want to build a relationship with whatever’s going on in your body, mind, and spirit. And, the best part is that you’re ready to do the work, even when it’s not fancy,

and that’s how I know you’re awesome.



The secret to Misfits Yoga is that I believe YOU can be your own teacher. My aim is to provide classes and resources to guide you in the direction of uncovering that confident, intelligent, intuitive teacher within you.

Come exactly as you are, and we will find out together just what yoga can do for you.

There is no rush in Liana's classes. If you get to a posture and it just hits you in the feels, you can sit there without judgement as everyone moves along at their own pace. I have never felt that in a traditional yoga class - I always felt rushed to the next move and to keep up with everyone else. 


I went into Liana's class expecting to learn only poses, but I came out understanding why we perform these poses. For mental clarity, aligning ourselves, and creating stability in daily situations. She really cares about her students. She asks before the class, “what do you need to work on today?” Or “is there something that’s been bothering you lately?” And she will take that information within minutes and already have a plan for the class. Needless to say, Liana is the only yoga instructor I will take lessons from.


Liana provides a student-centered experience and encourages each student to make the practice their own.  She recognizes the uniqueness of each body, providing multiple variants of each pose while reminding students to use what works best for them and supports easing back during long holds.  She stays focused on her students by watching the practice and by offering feedback when necessary.




Hello! My name is Liana Shanta Hardcastle. My pronouns are she/her. &I love yoga. Deeply and truly. My love for yoga has developed over years from a need to cope with anxiety, into a practice that has given me the ability to thrive. My teaching style is focused on giving students the freedom to explore their unique needs in order to get the most out of their time on the mat. I encourage the understanding that yoga begins on the mat, rather than exists only on the mat. I will guide you through yogic practices with sincerity, love, and bad jokes.


I am a graduate of Yoga Yoga Austin’s 200hr Hatha & Foundations of Yoga Therapy training (2016-2017). I have additionally completed Yoga Yoga Austin’s 95hr children’s yoga course (2018) and Yin Yoga Foundations Module (2019) via the Josh Summers’ School of Yoga.

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